Juneteenth Celebration Committee of Ventura County


We are here to help provide information and support for those who are concerned about the health, social, economic, and educational wellbeing of the residents of Ventura County and the State of California. 
We strive to support and encourage voter registration and voter education. 
We invite you to join with us in these efforts by becoming an active volunteer member and/or a financial supporter of the Juneteenth Celebration of Ventura County (JCVC).  



Juneteenth Celebration of Ventura County (JCVC), Executive Officers & Committee Chairs,

President, Mr. Bruce Stewart (standing center in black), Treasure, Dr. Ruby Durais (seated left in white),

Ms. Julia Dixon & Mrs. Angela Landers, JCVC Committee Co-Chairs (both seated center)

Our Mission
To foster cross cultural understanding of Black heritage through community engagement using the annual Juneteenth celebration to reach the Ventura County region. As well as to bring awareness of Juneteenth Celebration/Freedom Day origins, educate the community about the importance of Black history and heritage, while creating a platform for arts, entertainment and leadership, with opportunities for health initiatives in the Ventura County area.

The 31st Annual Juneteenth Celebration - Plaza Park Oxnard, CA,

officially starting with the Opening Ceremony at 10:00 am.

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