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This event celebrates the 1865 historical Proclamation of Freedom from slavery in Texas. 

For 30 plus years, several primarily African American community organizations have celebrated with thousands of people in Ventura County. We are honoring the annual tradition of freedom from enslavement that uplifts our community and brings cultural awareness. It is with open hearts that we welcome all for a celebration of Juneteenth every year.  We always try to excel each year with our sharing Black history and culture, our entertainment, the latest in Health and Wellness information and to shine a light on different local artists included in our Art Walk, to name a few highlights. We are inviting you to join us as a sponsor and/or participant in this wonderful fun filled family event.

Our Mission

To foster cross cultural understanding of Black heritage through community engagement using the annual Juneteenth celebration to reach the Ventura County region. As well as to bring awareness of Juneteenth Celebration/Freedom Day origins, educate the community about the importance of Black history and heritage, while creating a platform for arts, entertainment and leadership, with opportunities for health initiatives in the Ventura County area.

 The 34th Annual Juneteenth Celebration - June 21st, 2025, at Plaza Park in Oxnard, CA, Opening Ceremony at 10:00 am.




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